Spikke Digital Solutions offers development of USSD and SMS application development at an affordable cost. USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (ie. *125*5#) is a live two way interaction service that allows you to display a menu on a user’s handset and enables the user to interact with this menu. USSD is not device dependant and can be operated without any form of activation taking place.

Long code refers to virtual 10 digit number which can be used to receive SMS from other mobile numbers of all over the world.Long Codes are just like your mobile phone number. This allow people to reply of your Bulk SMS campaigns that you send them by obtaining 2-way SMS. They do not need to start their text with a keyword, so no matter what they send, their entire text is captured. Long codes can also texted directly so customers might be able to text you with specific query for example.

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    Shared Long Code:

A shared Long Code is one shared by more than one company. This means there are multiple applications or services running on it which are designated by keywords. If you avail this service, you will get one number which is shared by many other business people. But for your need it is differ with the business keywords of your product or service. For Example: Let say number is 9986982227. So this number is already shared by many people with their respective keywords. Now, let say my business is Bulk SMS.

Then I will prepare the content of promotion as given below:

"Hello, Merry Christmas!! On occasion of these happy moments, Spikke Digital Solutions provides you great discounts on BULK SMS Services to promote your Business & Services. For Free Demo Trial Type SDS and send it to 9986982227." So whoever the customer type the keyword and send SMS to above number, then automatically we will get details of the prospect to our server. After that we can interact with the prospect to serve their needs. This is the basic example to show how the shared short code works. Apart from this many business people of all major industries are using these services for promotions and marketings.

    Dedicated Long code:

Dedicated Long Codes offer a reliable platform for your mobile campaigns since you are the sole owner and content provider on the number you have unlimited keywords and you maintain control over routing inbound and outbound messages. Since you own the number and all of the data captured, you can map directly into your existing database without having to input information from a different source.

You also have the ability to further monetize your mobile efforts by offering advertising opportunities to other companies that complement your service. There is no chance of an application provider mixing up your messages and responses or data with anyone else's, since the number is dedicated to your application. In this case, you will get the virtual number which is dedicated for you. So the process everything is same as shared Long code.

But here the number is dedicated only for you. If prospect types anything irrespective of keywords or any content it will reach your virtual number; In the sense to your SMS Panel through which you can extract data of that particular person who sent the message.

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